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Firm Files Lawsuit Claiming Teen’s Death Tied to Faulty Equipment, Training of American Airlines Flight Crew

Burns Charest has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Fort Worth on behalf of the mother of a 14-year-old boy who died following a medical emergency during an American Airlines flight in 2022. The lawsuit alleges the plane’s on-board defibrillator did not function properly and the flight crew was not properly trained in its use, contributing to his death.

“The loss of a child is truly unimaginable, and the facts of this case are horrendous,” says Hannah Crowe, the attorney representing Melissa Arzu, the teen’s mother. “Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that American Airlines flight personnel were slow to respond and not able to operate the AED machine, which appeared not to work.”

A video interview with Ms. Crowe about the case is available here.

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