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Burns Charest Filing Urges Implementation of FTC Rule Banning Noncompetes

Burns Charest attorneys have filed court documents on behalf of 12 current and former elected officials who support the Federal Trade Commission’s new rule banning the use of employee noncompete agreements. The rule’s implementation is currently being challenged by certain business groups in a Texas federal court. The Burns Charest team of Darren Nicholson, Warren Burns and Kyle Oxford filed the amicus brief in partnership with the Public Rights Project to argue that noncompete clauses undermine small-business creation, innovation, healthcare and wages. 

“The widespread misuse of employee noncompete agreements is bad for business, bad for workers, and bad for Texas,” Nicholson said in an interview with Law360. “The FTC's rule banning the practice levels the playing field for employees and employers alike and opens the door for thousands of small businesses.” 

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